Solution for Backward Deduction of Factory Attendance Salary

更新时间:2023-09-19 20:42:29点击:10037 Technical viewpoint

The highlights of this new feature include:

Salary backtracking technology: By using salary data to backtrack attendance records, it ensures the accuracy and consistency of employee salary data. This function can quickly identify potential problems and provide corrective measures to ensure the accuracy of salary calculations.

Automatic attendance correction: The intelligent attendance management system can automatically detect and correct work hour errors in attendance records. This means that manual error correction is no longer necessary, thereby improving work efficiency.

Automatic card replacement: The system also supports automatic card replacement function, which automatically generates card replacement records based on employees' work rules and salary data, ensuring the completeness and accuracy of attendance data.

Intelligent deduction: This system has the function of intelligent deduction for insufficient wages, which can automatically deduct holidays, weekends, and overtime in order to ensure the compliance and accuracy of salary calculation.

User friendly interface: The Enoki software has designed an intuitive user interface that allows employees and managers to easily use these functions without the need for tedious training.

Beisen API interface: Currently, it fully supports the Beisen human resource management system and directly reads Beisen organization, files, clock in records, attendance results, wages and other data through the API interface; However, implementing a solution for reverse inference.

It will help businesses save time and resources, ensure the accuracy of salary calculations, and provide more convenient factory inspection solutions. We will continue to strive to provide customers with excellent human resource solutions

This new feature has been widely welcomed, and many enterprises have begun to enjoy the benefits it brings. Ainuoji Software will continue to improve and expand this feature to meet the constantly changing market demands and provide excellent services to customers.

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