Which AB account inspection software is good?

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At present, there are a variety of factory inspection software on the market, but their quality and performance are very different, which brings challenges for factories to choose the right factory inspection software. As the first company to enter the field of factory inspection, our focus has always been on providing excellent products and services, not just competing at low prices or talking. We are committed to providing customized solutions for manufacturing enterprises, and have developed a special factory inspection software management system to meet the inspection needs of various factories.

Inoki Software's ab account inspection system has the following characteristics:

1. Provide standard data import and export functions to help the system go online quickly. You can directly import the employee data from the source system into the factory inspection system without manually entering it one by one.

2. Automatically process the system operation records of rest days and convert them into records of normal working days. The system also has a special rest day card signing function, which helps to better manage the legality of holiday overtime.

3, support the selection of factory inspection personnel, you can select all or select factory inspection personnel, and automatically control the legality of participating in factory inspection personnel, such as excluding employees under the age of 16.

4. The ab account factory inspection system will automatically keep the employee data in the A account and the B account consistent without manual processing. This includes the modification, editing, addition, deletion and turnover of employee data in the A account, which will be automatically synchronized in the B account.

5, support the collection of punched data, card signing, attendance data summary and leave form processing. The functions in account A are equally applicable in Account B, and the data between the two do not conflict, except for employee data.

6, ab account factory inspection system can calculate wages according to the attendance data, but also according to the salary reverse attendance data, but also can be integrated application of the two.

7, support from the real account according to the conditions to import the relevant data, eliminating the trouble of manual input one by one. In special cases, you can also further modify and organize the B account system.

8, the factory inspection software can run independently, according to the relevant parameters of the factory inspection automatically generate factory inspection data.

9, factory inspection data do not have to rely on A account data, you can directly generate relevant data through the relevant Settings in B account, including time clock, leave, abnormal attendance, salary, etc.

10, support a variety of factory parameter Settings, such as advance punch time range, deadline punch time range, etc. ab account factory inspection system will generate a clocking record card for each employee according to the scheduling data, you can set your own clocking time range, so that overtime hours are more reasonable distribution, to meet the requirements of factory inspection.

11, provide a variety of reports, including attendance daily report, attendance monthly report, a variety of leave, card signing, card data, etc. A account and B account system can be freely switched, from the system interface can not distinguish the current is in A account or B account system, all reports are complete.

12, intelligent generation of accounting attendance data, including working days, normal working hours, normal overtime hours, weekend overtime hours and legal overtime hours. There are three generation methods to choose from.

Forward push mode: The system randomly generates standardized attendance data according to the set rules, and generates overtime hours according to customer requirements.

Push-back method: based on the monthly real salary push-back account attendance data, to ensure that the number of working days and overtime hours meet the legal range.

According to the real attendance data, the number of working days, leave hours and working hours of the attendance data are automatically generated, and the number of overtime hours is generated according to the statutory overtime hours.

Inoki factory inspection software has been selected and recognized by thousands of domestic enterprises to provide support for your business.

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