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One,Since the customers of Bao Shinian are coming to the factory for inspections around 5-8 this month, there will be a WRAP factory in August. Here we will introduce the knowledge and attention of the inspection.

two,What is the audit?
The audit is a foreign seller to enhance the consumer confidence of the country, reduce the risk of consumption and according to the relevant laws and regulations of the supplier's country, the supplier's production process, on-site production safety compliance and enforcement of the relevant laws of the country, A comprehensive evaluation of the regulatory situation. The inspection is of great significance to the factory. The “good” and “bad” results of the audit will directly affect the seller’s confidence in the order placed by the factory or the number of orders placed. In other words, it will directly affect the survival of the company and the vital interests of each employee. Therefore, the executives of export-oriented enterprises and management personnel at all levels must attach great importance to the inspection work, and it is equally important to implement the inspection work as normal work. The inspection is a systematic work. It is not a task that one or two people can complete. It requires the cooperation of all employees to complete the task. I hope that the employees will not have the mentality that the factory has nothing to do with me. Here, the factory will provide assistance to the employees. Say you have worked hard, and thank you for your understanding of the numerous inspections in the future! Below we introduce the things that the factory needs to pay attention to and need to be kept in mind.

Personnel attendance system:

1, the factory works 8 hours a day, occasionally work overtime, but no more than 2 hours, and there is wages for overtime, normal working hours are: morning: 7:30 to 11:30, four hours; afternoon: 1:30 to 5:30 , four hours.
2, rest on Sundays every week.
3, the employee's principle of overtime work, the right to refuse to work overtime, leave the leave on sick leave, etc., without deduction, and leave time convenient.
4. Payroll is calculated according to the comprehensive timed salary. The salary is paid in cash, and the salary of the previous month is paid before the 25th of each month.

5. Anyone under the age of 16 who is under the age of 18 is a minor. The factory can be hired, but a medical examination is required. Anyone under the age of 16 is a minor and the factory may not be employed. Please try to avoid the above personnel during the inspection period.
6, the factory does not charge the employee deposit, there is no fine penalty, no detention or mortgage of the employee's certificate, the employee entered the factory after the job skills training before they go to work.
7. The labor contract signed between the factory and the employee is three years, the probation period is 3 months, and a copy of the labor contract has been sent to the employee.
three,Sewing workshop production:
1. Each team should clear all forms with dates to avoid being discovered.
2, the health workers clean the ground in time, and the garbage is dumped in time. The sanitation near the machine table and the machine table should be cleaned every day, and no food should be stored in the workshop.
3, there should be no iron fragments in the workshop. The broken needles should be collected for the complete fragments before the needles can be exchanged. The broken needles should be glued to the broken needle card for inspection. Therefore, it is required to clean the broken needles on the machine table in time. .
4. All the aisles in the workshop are not allowed to place equipment and other sundries. The existing equipment and various departments of the goods are looking for storage places themselves. If they are not taken away, they will be cleaned up.
5, the finished product after the machine is off the machine should not be piled up too much, and the living personnel should be collected in time. There is no place to find a solution in time.
6, there is a safe passage before and after the workshop, the safety passage can not be locked during the inspection, and no debris is allowed to be piled up.
7, all the finished products and semi-finished products in the workshop are not allowed to land, and they are placed in order, avoiding the mess as a rat.
8, all the sharps in use (including scissors, awl, screwdrivers, etc.) must be tied with a rope, put it in the designated cabinet for temporary use, and the rope is not allowed to use the elastic rope.
9, the material box near the machine must be placed neatly, not overfilled to cause the material to land.
10. All employees must wear a name tag during the inspection period. If there is no name, please go to the personnel department as soon as possible.
11, the workshop is not allowed to use chemical reagents such as alcohol, if necessary, try to avoid or cover up during the inspection.
four,Post-precaution notes:
1, clean up all the forms containing the date, to avoid the inspection staff found irrelevant information.
2, to ensure that the surface of the special machine accessories, work surface, inspector board, ironing table, etc. are clean and tidy.
3. The markings of the products to be inspected, qualified products, areas to be inspected and finished products are clearly marked.
4, fire exits, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers nearby should be unblocked, not allowed to stack finished products and other unrelated items.
5, the packaged products are put into stock in time, the finished products that are stacked but not boxed are neatly tidy, and covered with cloth to avoid falling dust.
6, to ensure that the metal detector is running well, prepare the test card, set up a special rework, contaminated clothing storage area.
7. All employees must wear a name tag during the factory inspection. If there is no name tag, please go to the personnel department as soon as possible.

Warehouse considerations:
1, fabric library materials must be padded with a tray, and placed neatly, clearly marked, the sanitation of the warehouse should be cleaned, the sun-filled windows should be equipped with curtains.
2, the materials to be inspected and the materials after inspection, qualified products, non-conforming products should be placed separately, and must have a prominent logo.
3, Fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and fire exits shall not store materials and shall be unobstructed.
4, the library needs to clean up all irrelevant forms (especially forms with dates).
5, the floor, desktop, doors and windows, etc. should be cleaned up, all safety doors are open, and no debris, cardboard boxes, etc. should be stacked near the door.

6, the unfinished materials are grouped together, and marked with the items to be inspected, the materials that are in good condition are placed neatly, and the number of the item is marked.
7, all sharps such as scissors must be bundled with a non-elastic rope.
8. Avoid using chemicals such as alcohol.
9. All employees must wear a name tag during the factory inspection. If there is no name tag, please go to the personnel department as soon as possible.

Fives,Cutting considerations:
1. In addition to the normal use of process data, production orders, and other forms containing all dates, clean up.
2. The floor, chopping board, finishing machine, etc. should be cleaned and cleaned, and no cigarette butts should appear on the door attachments.
3, the materials need to be put on the shelves and the yards should be neat, the cuts should be placed neatly, not allowed to land.
4, cutting knife, fine-cut with full-time staff, must wear good anti-cut gloves when using.
5. Do not occupy the storage place of dangerous goods such as electric cutters, and make sure there are no sundries in the storage place.
6. Safety passages, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers should be unblocked nearby, no locks are allowed, and fabrics and sundries are not allowed to be stacked.
7. All employees must wear a name tag during the inspection period. If there is no name, please go to the Personnel Department as soon as possible.

V. Logistics notes:
1. Ensure that the factory area is clean and sanitary, motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles are parked separately, and the parking should be neat.
2. No children are allowed to enter the factory. Foreign personnel must register and issue a visitor's card to enter the factory.
3, the health workers clean all the toilets in a timely manner, the paper baskets are dumped in time, the main bathroom should be equipped with toilet paper, soap / hand soap.
4. Add gauze, disinfectant, band-aid, etc. to all medical kits in the workshop, and do not store other sundries.
5, no parking vehicles are parked in the entrance of the dormitory building and in the corridor, and it is guaranteed to be clean and hygienic.
6. In the dormitory building, the inside of the corridor should be clean and no garbage should be piled up.
7, fire exits, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers nearby should be unblocked, not allowed to stack finished products and other unrelated items,
It is not allowed to lock the fire exit.
8, in the dormitory privately connected to the wires, the clothesline are all removed.
9, the canteen restaurant is clean and timely, the ground is cleaned, and the staff should be clean and tidy.
10. All employees must wear a name tag during the inspection period. If there is no name, please go to the personnel department as soon as possible.

Sixth, the Ministry of Production Note:
1. Clean up the office hygiene and store the unused forms.
2. Prepare production reports for March-June (and exclude Sundays and holidays).
3. Prepare the needle-breaking record card for March-June (and exclude Sundays and holidays).
4. Prepare the inspection records for March-June (and exclude Sundays and holidays).
5. All employees must wear a name tag during the factory inspection. If there is no name tag, please go to the personnel department as soon as possible.
Seven, the Ministry of Technology notes:
1. Clean up the work environment, place the work surface and various sample clothes neatly.
2, all kinds of unused forms are kept and stored.
3, fire exits, fire hydrants, fire extinguisher accessories should be unblocked, no other debris is allowed, and too many debris in the corridor is not allowed to be kept clean and hygienic.
4. Prepare the March-June craft materials (the date must not include Sundays and holidays).
5, All employees must wear a name tag during the inspection, and employees who do not have a name tag should go to the personnel department as soon as possible.
Eight, the quality inspection department notes:
1. Prepare the semi-finished and finished product inspection report for March-June, the sampling inspection report before the finished product shipment, the inspection report of the workshop inspector, the first confirmation report, and the date of the report must not include the date of the holiday.
2. Check the broken condition of the workshop, whether the table top and the floor are clean.

3. Check if the product has landed.

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