Facing Repeated Factory Audit

更新时间:2019-04-05 10:36:00点击:395772 Factory inspection viewpoint

Is your company or factory accepting factory audits from different customers, and has to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources on the implementation of the human rights code, repeated audits and repeated waste of resources? The A account and the B account can only be different from the data, and most of the functional modules are the same. The operation is simple, the parameter setting is flexible, the application is wide, and the expansion function is powerful.

The original data processing algorithm, the data processing speed is very fast, at least 5-10 times faster than the peer system, or even more, in general, the data of one month of 3000 people, generating attendance and salary data does not exceed 3 minutes. Support the selection of the inspection personnel, you can select all or select the inspection personnel. It can automatically control the legality of the personnel involved in the audit (such as those under the age of 16, the system automatically excludes).

The personnel data in the AB account is automatically consistent, that is, the A account has the modification, editing, adding, deleting, resigning, etc. of the personnel data, and the B account is automatically consistent, and there is no need to manually process it in the B account. Support the collection of card data, the collection of card, the summary of attendance data, the processing of leave orders, etc., that is, the function of A account can operate, and it can also operate in B account, and A account and B account data do not conflict and do not affect each other ( Except for sync data).

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