Definition of factory inspection

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Factory Evaluation is defined as a factory that reviews or evaluates the factory according to certain criteria. Generally divided into human rights, quality, anti-terrorism inspection, etc., the enterprise "inspection" activities have been popularized in China's export enterprises, accepting the "inspection" of multinational companies and intermediaries to China's export production enterprises, especially textiles and clothing, Labor-intensive companies such as toys, daily necessities, electronics and machinery are almost a must.

Audit document review list
Accident record book, chemical list, relevant local laws and regulations, disciplinary records, environmental inspection records, local social insurance bureau's relief statement, factory rules, fire drill records, fire evacuation procedures and Schematic diagrams, inspection records of fire-fighting facilities, inspection certificates for fire-fighting installations, procedures for handling hazardous chemicals, records of storage rooms for hazardous chemicals, lists of workers engaged in hazardous chemicals, health and safety management systems, working hours records, individual labor contracts, Machine maintenance records, machine operation procedures, material data safety data sheets, medical records, documents showing overtime work for each worker who is willing/unwilling to work overtime, overtime work approval for local labor departments, salary and working time records, Payroll, personnel records (with copy of ID card), shift register, social insurance annual inspection certificate, social insurance premium payment receipt, training record, salary calculation system, work injury insurance roster, juvenile health checklist, underage Work registration approval.

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