Corporate Social Responsibility Standard Certification

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Human rights audit Officially referred to as social responsibility audit, social responsibility audit, social responsibility factory assessment, etc. It is further divided into corporate social responsibility standard certification and customer standard review. This "inspection" is mainly implemented in two ways.

Corporate Social Responsibility Standard Certification refers to the activities of the CSR system authorizing party to authorize some neutral third-party organizations to review whether the enterprises applying for certain standards can meet the required standards. It is the purchaser that requires Chinese companies to pass the certification of “social responsibility” standards of certain international, regional or industry, and obtain the qualification certificate as the basis for purchasing or placing orders. These standards mainly include SA8000, ICTI (toy industry), EICC (electronics industry), WRAP (clothing and footwear industry) in the US, BSCI (all industries) in continental Europe, ICS (retail industry) in France, and ETI in the UK. (all industries) and so on.

The Code of Conduct of a client is a social responsibility standard for a Chinese company in accordance with a multinational company before purchasing a product or placing a production order. This is also known as the corporate code of conduct for corporate social responsibility, mainly labor standards. A direct review of the implementation.

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