Safety Management Procedure of Anti-terrorism Factory Inspection

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Anti-terrorism audit safety recommendations So far, C-TPAT (Anti-Terrorism/GSV) has established Safety Recommendations for nine sectors: Importers Air Carriers Marine Carriers (Sea) Carriers) Freight Carriers/Cargo Consolidators/Ocean Transport Intermediaries/NVOCCs US Marine Port Authority/Terminal Operator Foreign manufacturer (Foreign)

Anti-terrorism inspection safety management procedures, the purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the company complies with US Customs C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partner Anti-Terrorism) safety guidance during the transportation of finished products, so that customs clearance outside the United States will not be too Late, or because the thief or terrorist used the above link as a means of transporting prohibited items into the United States.

This measure applies to the production, storage or transportation of products outside the United States with producers and warehouse personnel. Reference Document C-TPAT US Customs - Trading Partner to Prevent Terrorist Safety Guidance. Procedures, human resource security control, each new employee must conduct pre-employment training, including: factory regulations, fire and health knowledge, access to important areas, and preservation of goods. Found an abnormal person or suspicious. How to deal with illegal things, etc. Set up a staff complaint mailbox to encourage employees to report the above issues in a timely manner.

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