Warehouse goods inspection

更新时间:2019-04-02 09:49:00点击:382200 Factory inspection viewpoint

The finished goods handling, independent area, loading and unloading area without permission, personnel and vehicles shall enter, handling personnel directly responsible for the management of the warehouse, and accept the safety training. Handling vehicle drivers should be entered in the rest of the drivers to park the vehicle after a good place to wait. The process requires warehouse is responsible for supervision of loading, to prevent unauthorized personnel, vehicles entering and abnormal events, when the discovery of unusual events or are not allowed to enter the loading area, warehouse should be stopped immediately, and make the corresponding record.

The goods were loaded immediately after the warehouse management will seal the door / lock, prevent in the transport process appears to be unlocked, can not allow the driver to contact the door key. Sinotrans shall export goods warehouse affixed to the customs seal paper factory, and then inserted to key sealing off Shanghai. Safety comprehensive environmental control, product storage installation of central television supervision system has finished goods safety measures not stolen. Cargo loading and unloading process supervision and installation of central regional television system, and to prevent illegal behavior.

Enter the factory all cargo loading vehicle shall be parked with private cars, passenger vehicles in the same area, the loading of the goods vehicle parking area, there may not be any without permission to enter the warehouse staff, by the strict control of the region. There is light enough to keep the factory, logistics security row attendant on plant facilities inspections, inspections and set up the attendance record in the factory.

Electrical room emergency power system, supply enough power. Transport truck, warehouse and office field to import and export control, can enter the designated person, only allowed to work in this area to enter. The factory is kept at least once every three months on the video system for preventive maintenance record.

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