Human resource management system construction of six major technical key points

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Enterprises need to be built Human resource management system What should we pay attention to technically?

According to enoki software, we should pay attention to the following points:

1, collaborative office

To coordinate the handling of office transceiver documents with other business activities, especially human resource management activities, to integrate business information processing and office automation, to coordinate office and business operations, to use office automation to coordinate and promote business informatization, especially to manage human resources management information.

2, collaborative file management

The staff files management and daily performance appraisal related information synergy, the use of information system to complete the automatic filing of archives, improve the function of archives management, facilitate information retrieval, make business management and archives management interaction, improve the management efficiency of archives management, and improve business processing capacity.

3. Man-machine coordination

Through the processing of business technology, the man-machine coordination can be realized, including the coordination of time, the coordination of business processes, the provision of business assistance from various aspects of business processing through information system, the provision of instant information help, and the handling of business through the proper operation of operators and simple operation, so as to achieve the full coordination between people and machines.

4, automatic matching of data and information to assist business decisions.

In the process of staff management, examiners often check various factors such as assessment criteria, management requirements, rules and regulations, and then make appropriate results. In the system, a computer is used to find various rules or facts for reference, and automatically match the data. It prompts the information to make suggestions for processing so that managers can make the most appropriate treatment according to these information calmly.

5. Data input and output

Data input and output is an important embodiment of system usage and performance. It achieves a reasonable and simple data input, collecting enough information resources, effective data output, showing the processing results of the system, so as to achieve the goal of information system. This requires that the system must be able to realize the correctness, standardization, legality and convenience of input, and also ensure that the output data is rich, flexible, convenient and humanized.

6. Data protection

In order to better protect the security of database and application system, we first need to understand the importance of database security, identify the major threats and correctly understand the security requirements of database systems, so as to determine a reasonable security strategy. The main security requirements of the database are integrity, reliability, confidentiality, availability and reliability of the database. Integrity includes physical integrity, logic integrity and element integrity. Secrecy requirements include access control, user authentication, audit tracking, data encryption and so on.

With these six points in mind, there will be no problems in the construction of human resources management system in enterprises, and they will be "smooth" and truly become a good helper for enterprises.

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