HR must know ten kinds of classical workplace lessons

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For us, there are always some experiences that are the same, that is, some very important things are finally messed up. This is the time when people discover their true self. For us, those moments will not bring us the best results, but the other extreme.Here are the ten most difficult moments a manager has experienced in his career, and the lessons he has learned from it. Some of these disasters are often encountered by HR. HR can first understand these disasters and their lessons so that they can avoid these disasters.

Strictly reprimanded

My boss, my first respected and admired manager, severely reprimanded me at a staff meeting. But worse, he is completely wrong. But after he realized this mistake a few days later, he immediately admitted the mistake to me in front of everyone. This teaches me that humility is a virtue.

2, no bright spot evaluation

When I first received such an evaluation, I asked why. They told me that the project I did was not important, so when my name appeared, no one showed excitement. It was this time that I learned to work hard to make more attractive projects. This experience has changed my entire life track.

3. Am I illiterate? really?

After reading the first product specification I wrote, the project manager said that I was an illiterate and asked how I graduated from college. He is right, and since then, I have begun to realize the importance of writing. How am I doing now?

4. I have tried hard to talk to him, but it doesn't work. I tried to talk to our manager, but it was also completely used. So I left the company. From this I realized that for the company, the boss is always more important than you. This is also an important reason that motivates me to try something new.

5. The customer's disaster was caused by the delay of one manufacturing department, which caused the entire production line of my biggest customer to stop working. At that time, I just started selling work soon. My customers are naturally very upset. Then I realized that this is the best chance for us to show our value to our customers. I am running for the customer and arguing for it. All this is done in the clear. Finally, I won a permanent customer for our company.

6, was laid off

Yes, this kind of thing happened to me. My first feeling is that I was rejected, and I want to vent my anger. But I restrained myself and made myself as calm as possible. Later, it turned out that this was a correct decision, and I was therefore blessed by misfortune. I learned a lesson from it, that is, everything in the world has its own reason. When God closes a door, he will open a window for you.

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7, high visibility crisis

As the head of the marketing department of a microprocessor company, I experienced the first high-visibility product crisis in my life - there is a defect in a processor that we have shipped, and this processor has been used. On thousands of computers. This time, I first learned about crisis management.

8. CEO of abuse means

My boss and CEO have roared at me more than once. But I am not alone, I like this company and this job, so I insisted on staying there. You see, the board finally fired him (of course, for performance reasons). I think of an old Japanese proverb: "If you wait long enough by the river, you will see the enemy's corpse drifting in front of you."

9, the CEO pointed out my shortcomings

I had a meeting and I got angry at the meeting. After the meeting, the CEO called me aside and said that I was completely self-destructive, and said that my actions have greatly reduced my credibility. I was amazed that he was willing to tell me all this frankly, which made me begin to reflect on the past violent ways of working in the past, while recognizing the value of confessing to employees.

10, brand crisis

I changed my name to a public company on a specific listing date, and I took a lot of risk. But at the time, there was a consultant who disappointed me. I could only rely on myself. I started to work hard all day and night, and finally I succeeded. This lesson does not apply to your suppliers. Aside from your relationship with them, your position is completely different.

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