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With the continuous improvement of the management level of Chinese enterprises and the fact that China has joined the WTO, the competition and management of talents has become a serious problem faced by Chinese enterprises and even institutions and institutions at all levels. With the expansion of the scale of enterprises and the fierce competition in the market, all types of enterprises recognize the importance and urgency of human resource management. The improvement of the level of human resources management requires not only high-quality management personnel, but also the assistance of information tools. At present, the importance of human resource management software for the survival and long-term development of enterprises, whether it is an institution, a public institution or an enterprise unit, is self-evident, and the call for strengthening the level of human resources management of enterprises is getting higher and higher.

Features of large platform software - powerful, secure, flexible, flexible, etc.

     The Nuojiu Human Resource Management System is designed by many experienced human resources consultants and practical experts who have been honed from practice. It combines modern and advanced human resource management concepts with the modern management ideas of thousands of Chinese and foreign companies. It adopts various advanced design ideas and software technologies to meet the long-term development needs of customers' management in actual human resource management. The human resources department is freed from the tedious and repetitive daily work of salary and welfare and human resource information management, and has more energy to invest in higher-level human resource management. It also provides a full range of informational references and forecasts to aid decision making, enabling corporate strategic goals to be achieved. The system integrates the administrative logistics management and card management system closely related to the human resources management department, and opens interfaces with information systems such as production capacity, quality, material control, and cost accounting to provide more comprehensive data support and decision-making ability for senior management decisions. .

Major advantages --- Zhenuoji Human Resource Management System

Expected benefits of the system: The expected benefits brought by the system of the Nuoji system are summed up in one sentence (five provinces, one excellent, two improved).

1. Save money: Improve the transparency of human resource management and save the human resource use cost by more than 1-5%. Through system calculation and control to avoid manual calculation of class errors, reduce the cost of vulnerabilities through control of separation, overtime, etc. Through job planning, workload analysis, staffing, labor cost investigation, planning, budgeting, and auditing, labor costs are more reasonable. Make the organization plan more reasonable and efficient, stimulate the potential of employees, and make human capital investment produce higher efficiency. Through the system analysis of training, welfare, incentive input and other benefits, the direction of human capital investment is more clear; 
2. Save things: resource integration, information sharing, reduce information transmission distortion, avoid information islands and repetitive work, enhance corporate image and comprehensive strength, Enhance employees' awareness of factory love; 
3. Save effort: Let human resources executives be freed from business workers, participate in enterprise management and decision-making, make corporate strategy more comprehensive, and let human resources departments put more energy into management control to make management more standardized Reduce management risks; 
4. Save time: Improve data accuracy and timeliness, timely identify problems and correct them in time, give decision makers an accurate basis, and make decision-making more reasonable; 
5. Provincial people: improve management efficiency, reduce transaction workload, transactionality Work is automatically statistically analyzed by the system to save manpower;  
6. Optimize management: standardize, standardize, streamline, and institutionalize management, standardize employee and organizational behavior, make it a habit, and shape an excellent corporate culture; 
7. Improve corporate competitiveness : Enhance team creativity and learning through training and motivation Enhance cohesion and employee loyalty, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises; 
8. improve management: a systematic internal and external management, process, scientific, information technology, which greatly improves the execution and risk prevention management.

   The INUOJI human resource management software covers the personnel management of the HR department for employees, from human resources planning, talent recruitment to personnel management, personnel change management, contract management, dormitory management, administrative affairs management, attendance compensation management, piece-rate wages. Management, consumption, access control, simple approval process, human analysis, secondary development and other functional modules, as well as employee training and development management, manager self-service and employee self-service functions, so that all employees of your company It can benefit from the 诶noke human resource management system, and the system supports the tailoring of the major companies, and the right principle is the best.

   In recent years, China's enterprise information construction has achieved rapid development. Many enterprises have established their own office systems, and have launched financial management software and invoicing, ERP, SCM, HR, CRM and other systems. These decentralized systems, while improving enterprise efficiency and management, have also caused a series of problems: on the one hand, information islands have formed between systems, which not only cause redundant construction, but also can not form integration effects to help enterprises to manage efficiently and Decision making affects the value of these systems. INUOJI Software allows you to easily automate the process of human resource management, freeing you from the cumbersome daily tasks, so you can focus on the strategic decision-making level and ultimately improve the HR department's “Bottom-line Value”. .

The combination of functions and technologies such as information portal, project management, performance management, office automation, and knowledge management can bring users a new experience of work and study. For example, based on “role (job)” to authorize users, it not only ensures users' timely grasp of information, but also avoids wasting energy on “spam”; personalized work desktops meet the “work/life balance” advocated by enterprises. (Work-Life Balance); users can access the system anytime, anywhere, and help companies build a "network-centric" new work mode; communicate smoothly and conveniently with business partners, and you can get rid of Nuoji human resource management software Get higher value...

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