What is eHR system? How do enterprises choose eHR system?

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What is the EHR?

It actually refers to a comprehensive solution to the informationization of human resource management, human resource management is a new mode of hardware based on the advanced software and high-speed and large capacity based on the centralized information base, automatic processing of information, employee self-service, outsourcing and service sharing, to reduce costs, improve efficiency and the purpose of employee service mode. It is through contact with the existing network technology enterprises, human resources and technology to ensure synchronous environment change rapidly development.

The "E" in the EHR contains two meanings:

One is electronic, The electronic human resources management, e-government is the means to achieve this;

The two is efficiency, Human resource management is efficient.

Enterprise how to choose the eHR system?

EHR system is more and more important means to help enterprises achieve the construction of the human resource is paid more attention by the enterprise, but currently on the market there are a lot of eHR systems, the price from a few thousand dollars to several million yuan, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of this is not the only one. The successful selection is the first step to ensure eHR system to achieve the desired effect is very important, especially to remind the business to be taken seriously. The eHR system on the market although many types, technical level and long history also has an important relationship, but the main foreign brands and domestic brands is divided into two camps.

At present, the eHR software system is a software system China: Chinese mostly management information system (MIS), from the perspective of business requirements and design; management information system is designed to serve the vast majority of business operators within the enterprise, repetitive work business operators shall be preliminary automatic, i.e. from the management theory to abstract the ideal business management model, based on the business model of low level data processing or business process based on electronic design; management information system, is based on the small business unit needs to write, large companies generally cannot meet the diversified, multi system, multi organization structure or the data processing needs of multinational enterprise group.

Compared with the domestic and foreign similar application systems and solutions, the China eHR software has some defects: first, many are from the evolution of management information system, from a single administrative management or human resource management business needs perspective design, such as the personnel information management, attendance management, salary calculation and payment management or and services in a particular business automation needs: second, although the domestic eHR software has been extended to the function module of enterprise human resources management or related to human capital management in the business field, but the system in a comprehensive and forward-looking and integration are still lacking.

Compared with the domestic and foreign eHR system eHR system, the advantage is mainly reflected in: with a strong, investing in the training, the power of technology research and development, marketing and other aspects; with hardware vendors, including database companies, consultants, partners, joined forces to form the pattern; the foreign eHR system along with the development of management theory the implication of the design idea of advanced management concepts; foreign eHR system started earlier, integrity and high maturity, develop solutions for different industries; the foreign eHR system has been widely used in western developed countries and some other software systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WFM (workflow management etc.) in the process of developing the reserved interfaces with the eHR system, the expansion of foreign eHR system in the future to reduce the difficulty; foreign eHR system for research support and spare no effort based on Internet technology, in the case of PeopleSoft, the latest version is the complete architecture of the Internet based version, which greatly enhance the ease of use.

However, the foreign eHR system also has some weakness, mainly in three aspects: first, some foreign eHR system of Chinese environment support is not perfect, the current version of Chinese there are still some translation errors, but in recent years its localization is enlarging gradually; second, licensing and foreign eHR system implementation consultant service the cost is relatively high, resulting in the cost burden is heavy on the implementation of the enterprise; third, the foreign eHR system from the western management thought, in some ways do not meet the needs Chinese conditions and China business environment.

However, there are also individual enterprise groups will be because of their own individual needs to choose independently developed software, but most companies will choose the universal eHR system software, because not only can learn the advanced management concept, shorten the project cycle, and facilitate system maintenance and upgrade.

Ah Nokia human resource management system is designed by numerous senior human consultants and honed from the practice of experts, set the modern concept of human resource management and several thousand Chinese and foreign enterprises of the modern management ideas in one. It uses a variety of advanced design idea and software technology, can meet the needs of each customer in the actual management of human resources management in the long-term development. The human resources department to extricate from the salary and welfare of human resources information management of the daily tedious repetitive work, have more energy into the human resource management in higher level. It can also provide reference information and forecasts, a full range of decision-making, so as to make the enterprise strategic target realization.

System integration of human resources management departments are closely related to the administrative management and card management system, open and production capacity, quality, material control, cost accounting information system interface for senior management decision-making provide more comprehensive data support, improve decision-making ability.

We expected benefits ah Nokia system

Ah Nokia expected benefit systems to bring the total summed up in one sentence: five, a two increase.
1. save money: to improve human resources management transparency, save the human resources cost more than 1-5%. The calculation and control to avoid manual calculation errors through the system, through the turnover, overtime and so reduce the possible vulnerabilities cost control. Through job planning, workload analysis, personnel allocation, investigation, planning, budget, audit cost make labor cost more reasonable. Let the organization planning more reasonable and efficient, to stimulate the potential of the staff, the human capital investment to generate higher benefits. Through the analysis of system of training, welfare, incentive investment benefit, let the human capital investment direction more clearly;
2. save: resource integration, information sharing, reduce information distortion, avoid the information island and repeated work, enhance corporate image and enhance their comprehensive strength, love consciousness;
3. effort: let the human resource supervisor to extricate from the affairs of the workers, to participate in the enterprise management and decision-making, make enterprise strategy more comprehensive, let the human resources department focus on management control, make the management more standardized, reduce management risk;
4. time: to improve the accuracy and timeliness of data, identify problems promptly corrected timely, accurate basis to decision makers, to make more rational decisions;
5. Province: to improve management efficiency, reduce transaction workload, work analysis by automatic statistical system, saving manpower;
6. Optimization Management: make the management standardization, standardization, process standardization, institutionalization, standardization of employee and organization behavior, make it a habit, to create a good corporate culture;
7. to improve the competitiveness of enterprises through training, motivation, enhance team creativity and learning ability, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and employee loyalty, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises;
8.: improve the management system, process oriented, scientific and information enterprise management, greatly improve the management work execution and risk prevention ability.

A series of human resource management system

EHR V8 product

In order to meet the different needs of different levels of customer demand, "ah Nokia human resources EHR2013V8 "System, according to the function and the price is divided into 3 series of products and can order consumption, which can meet the needs of customers of different nature, different levels of consumption, different needs:

EHR V8 Hardcover edition: Including the basic functions of personnel attendance access control module of the canteen, applicable to the requirements of human resources is not high, small scale enterprises, focus on standardizing the basic access control attendance and canteen affairs of customers.

EHR V8 Enterprise edition: Including the organization of personnel management and transaction management, contract management, dormitory management, administrative management, attendance management, salary calculation, piecework consumption, access control, simple approval process, human analysis, two times the development of function module, suitable for the higher requirements of the human resource administration, there are certain human the use of resources system based on the scale of enterprise users.

EHR V8 Group edition: Based on the enterprise edition on the increase of human resource planning, recruitment and training, performance appraisal, employee relationship management, document control, leadership staff query, self inquiry, multi-level authorization, multiple sets of accounts, two times the development of custom work, approval process and other aspects of the function, all the functions and requirements of management in accordance with the group, a variety of accounting system and multi-level authorization of strengthening. For larger enterprises, human resources management of high level group of enterprises need a comprehensive specification and integration of human enterprises subordinate units of personnel administration and logistics management system.

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