Buy attendance software (system), it is necessary to understand the five levels of attendance manage

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How to choose the attendance software - understanding 5 levels of attendance management

At present, domestic enterprises are facing many problems in attendance. More than 70% of enterprises can not achieve the expected goal of attendance management by using attendance system. More enterprises find a lot of troubles after finishing.

The reason is not entirely clear to manage the attendance need to reach any level of the management level, the two is the face of numerous attendance management software, a random free, with attendance module integration platform, independent software vendors offer attendance, from several thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands of these software in the end what difference can meet to the level of management.

This paper summarizes the five management levels of attendance management, users only need to set, not the cheaper the better, is not a function better, for their own is the best. Simply is the first to know what they need to know each other, then can do what. Be able to select their own management level and attendance software, can achieve the target application and attendance system, and to maximize the return on investment.

The attendance management staff, divided into five levels, advanced management level in order to rise , A hierarchical management of attendance are as follows:

1, a sign of accurate data: the most basic needs of the attendance management, attendance management is the objective basis.
2, accurate statistics of staff attendance: the software can replace the manual record and Statistical Manual
3, standardize the management process, reasonable and effective: attendance management in accordance with the standard procedures, standardized and effective management.
Compliance management 4, false attendance, overtime: annual leave, overtime and other automatic control, meet the requirements of laws and regulations, to avoid the risk of labor management.

5, leadership decision support system: a variety of charts showing the attendance, overtime, leave a rate analysis, intuitive cockpit for the leadership decision-making support.

The five management needs, if you can not meet the demand of low level, high level of demand is certainly not satisfied, that is to say, a set of attendance management software, if the low level functions which do not reach, the high level function is completely pointless, because the demand of high level, is based on effective management based on the low level.
A, attendance data
This is the most basic attendance management needs, at present, many small and medium-sized enterprises to understand the attendance management will stay at this level, that is to buy the attendance machine. The attendance machine attendance management software is to meet the needs of random free, employee attendance in attendance, attendance of employees can query data in free attendance software.

Sign data accurately and objectively, is the basis of attendance management, accurate statistics of attendance level second, is based on the attendance data as the basis, therefore, attendance data reflect the employees to work in time, is the cornerstone of attendance management.

Two, accurate statistics of staff attendance Accurate statistics of staff attendance is the most important and the most difficult in the five level management level.
The most important is because the attendance software can accurately analyze the daily attendance, leave absenteeism, write off the end of the month, accurate attendance statistics, can provide accurate basis for attendance payroll, in order to make the attendance management from manual records and the manual statistics, attendance statistics can really reduce the workload, improve the accuracy and objectivity of statistics.
The most important is because the management below 3 higher, need to accurately analyze the attendance attendance software based on the basis of accurate statistics of attendance, otherwise it would not be possible to achieve compliance management, false frequently work overtime, the data can not as a leadership decision support basis.
The most difficult is because of the different enterprises, service complexity, attendance statistics rules, leave the matching principle is different, and hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of employees daily attendance, all kinds of specific needs, attendance software as long as there is a specific demand of the solution is not good, there will be the end of the month the statistics of hundreds of people is wrong, a few specific the demand is not solved well, the end of the month attendance statistics were not used to calculate wages, had to return to each member of the artificial accounting attendance statistics, so the management efficiency of all zero, right, is actually negative, because now the computer attendance, computer manual to do it again, do it again. Not only did not reduce the workload statistics attendance also increased.
So, choose the attendance management software, we must combine with the frequency and complexity of attendance management rules, choice, demand attendance management software. For example: the attendance management subsystem of the general EHR, smart card system or OA application software platform, the institutions, services simple, standardized management, almost all the normal class attendance management needs, to ensure the accurate attendance statistics, but attendance management module with these systems, can not solve the attendance management the face of complex scheduling problems of enterprise, attendance management rules are complicated, the specific needs of many large number of enterprise attendance, the software can not do accurate statistics. Therefore, the software also makes the other senior attendance management function as decoration.
So, for enterprises and institutions, the large number of flights complex, to achieve the accurate statistics of staff attendance, must use professional attendance management software. The general attendance software, it is difficult to thoughtful consideration to meet the attendance management in enterprises of all types of various special cases, and reasonable design in software realization.

Some users will think so, it is difficult to distinguish whether professional, is only used to know, so, for trial. In fact, the trial software can be added to a judge, but still cannot solve the problem of judging whether the software face a variety of complex attendance requirements can be accurately statistics problem. Because the general probation is not full, so much work, but also affect the normal work order, and a lot of special circumstances, only in the full month formal use will produce, in order to find the problem.

Three, standardize the management process, reasonable and effective
Through the second level accurate statistics on the threshold of the attendance attendance management software has been very rare, according to the performance management indicators of higher level of attendance software.
We know that the attendance management loopholes, will not only increase the labor costs of enterprises, but also undermine fair corporate culture, such as false overtime, concealed sick leave, to ensure the objectivity of attendance management, must rely on standardized management processes, the attendance management is reasonable and effective.
Establish a standardized attendance management process, attendance software must have two functions, one is the strict division of detailed permissions, two general approval process leave, overtime, retroactive card.
Strict and meticulous division of authority, to ensure that all levels of management personnel in accordance with the provisions of the authority operation only, not ultra vires, to all levels of management personnel management, supervision and control are in full range, to ensure the objectivity of attendance management.

According to the permissions set general leave, overtime, retroactive card approval process, meet the collaborative management of attendance through the network, not only improve the management efficiency and timeliness, and rationalize the management process, to make reasonable and effective attendance management.

Compliance management, false attendance, overtime four
The implementation of "labor contract law", more and more labor dispute is the enterprise management costs continue to rise. Compliance management work, overtime labor false, not only can avoid unnecessary costs, improve management efficiency, and labor value can also be given due respect.
False / compliance management, including employee annual leave, sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and so on, a labor law control. Such as annual leave and attendance software should automatically calculate the employee's annual leave the standard at the beginning of the year, monthly statistics have been Hugh and annual leave balance, on the one hand to control the staff to take over, on the other hand, meet the staff and leadership of the remaining holiday query.
Compliance management work overtime, will be more complicated, such as: according to the credit card data and overtime work according to the rules to calculate the length of the hour, the automatic calculation rules of manufacturing industry holiday working overtime, work overtime to keep off the employee Hugh, deposit control functions, meet the manufacturing comprehensive working hours management function etc..

Compliance management of false attendance, overtime, can not only control the labor management risk, but also can guide managers to arrange vacation and off-duty, save labor cost.

Five, decision support system
The accurate and effective management of these four levels of leadership, through a variety of charts, intuitive cockpit for management decision support.
For example: according to the display unit annual leave reach a rate of tree, can let the leaders see employees taking annual leave directly reach percentage, leadership can make reasonable arrangements for staff to take annual leave, reduce the need to end three times overtime costs.

For all enterprises and institutions, can control the five levels of attendance management, to guide their chosen for their attendance management software, only to low levels, purchase of advanced software, wasteful investment high-level software functions do not use, need; pipe to high level, but the purchase of software, can only meet the low it certainly is not good for level. Can only meet the low level software is divided into two kinds, one is only a low level of function, the second is to look to have high levels of function, in fact, due to the low level functions do not place, the high level function just decoration, no practical use, for example: the staff attendance statistics are not accurate, it not to mention the compliance management of employees leave and overtime frequently, the cockpit will not be able to provide an accurate basis for leadership.
For a specific unit, can according to their own needs and purchase management attendance software to satisfy the function level positioning software. Such as: attendance management module of EHR, the general institutions, software level is 3.5, that is to say, are the standard class accurate statistics no problem, until the compliance management level fourth, can satisfy part; and for complex scheduling business units, will only be considered 1.5 software, also that is second level can not meet all, only in the second grade class meets the criteria for accurate statistics

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