Brief Introduction of Personnel Attendance Wage Management System

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Payroll and personnel attendance management system of personnel and salary attendance management solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises. Automatic identification of flights, add attendance project, compatible with the market all sorts of card equipment, able to cope with the diversified enterprise salary accounting mode. After rigorous testing, many customers can quickly, the accurate statistics of staff attendance project, and wage accounting.

The function of the system highlights
Support a variety of calculating wages
Can set a variety of flexible scheduling, which can deal with arbitrary frequency
Has the staff leave, vacation, travel halfway out, sign the card, temporary transfer class filing and approval function
Has the staff to apply for overtime and overtime straight function
The system can automatically handle employee attendance results (normal, abnormal, late, leave early, work overtime, absence, leave)
With the improvement of statistical function, according to different conditions of different statistical projects daily weekly, monthly and annual report,
The data support system leads to Excel And print

A basic information
One File management:
A Employee file management:
The employee file input, modify, delete, query, print management, relevant information from the database of employees card, attendance statistics, statistics salary will call.

B The archives management and turnover:
The archives management (employee turnover, employee turnover can be divided into automatic resignation, dismissal), print report department employee turnover data management: the company department files input, modify, delete, query, print management.

Two, attendance module
One Real time and attendance query: in any case, without any attendance settings, can real-time query each employee's credit card records (including credit card, credit card, credit card time human nature) and did not play the staff, can also query part or all the staff of the credit card records according to the conditions (such as: enter the job number, date and time), you can check the card details of the employees in this period of time.
Two The basic processing, attendance: according to the definition of the attendance set can be applied in the treatment of a variety of attendance data, automatic judgment, staff absenteeism late and leave early and effective time details of punch punch. Such as: can be late and leave early, absenteeism query and effective time of the punch punch details, not the normal card data, in the query function are conditional query.
Three Many, attendance statistics: real time statistics for the staff to work overtime late, leave early, leave, absenteeism and other related information (the number of attendance record above the staff not normal attendance and the number of minutes) to form a comprehensive summary report, can also according to conditions (date, job number, Statistics Department) work.
Four According to statistics, automatic deduction: attendance and attendance settings, can automatically count of all employees in a time range of attendance should facilitate the payroll deduction.
Five According to statistics, automatic overtime overtime: punch time and business arrangements overtime, overtime, overtime and automatic statistical staff actual time arrange overtime, overtime is flexible to adapt to the various enterprise statistics.
Six Abnormal matters treatment: due to the business staff can be delayed punch up card processing, for employees to take leave, to an officer, a flight time can change working hours adjustment, the end of the month in statistics will automatically calculate the number of days leave.
Seven Set flexible shift: according to the actual situation of enterprises can flexibly set the number of flights, the flight standard working hours, shift, shift work settings (also can flexibly set the legal holiday management: rest on Saturday or Saturday, Sunday rest).
Eight Flexible work, punch limit: effective punch time can be set flexibly shifts, prevent employees free punch, make the management more convenient and reasonable, employee organization, discipline.
Nine Flexible attendance setting: can the internal field according to the actual situation of the number of arbitrary set assessment (such as: late, late, leave early, serious serious absence, etc.) the field corresponding assessment time range and evaluation object; and the various fields, all shifts (managers and workers) of different amount of punishment (such as late 5-10 Minute penalty Five Yuan, late 10-30 Minute penalty Ten Yuan).
Ten And automatically determine the work card system according to the setting of automatic judgment card data is the office staff card or card to work without human intervention.
Eleven Personnel management: flexible and can be effective to the internal staff to change jobs, and training management.
Twelve Print statements, this system can provide the following statements: employee roster report, Department of the list and shift schedule, employees punch list and employee attendance statistics.

Three, personnel salary management module:
According to the different wage wage formula input and check. Most of the data is transferred from the wage attendance module.
One Wages, wage setting formula: set the formula, can pay for different processing enterprises within the flexible computing mode. Can greatly reduce the workload of wage calculation.

Two Wages and cleaning: can to clean up this month or next month salary is invalid.

Three Check: check, time to time, but also to check out last month.

Four Strong statements analysis:
A Can be arbitrarily selected according to your conditions for print wages.

B Wages and schedule of Engineering

C Wage summary table

Four, personnel salary attendance management system system function

A Data backup: this function can be user data backup to the designated place, when the data is destroyed, you can backup data recovery, so as to minimize their losses. An important data backup system is often a good habits
B Data recovery: from a specified place into the system database backup data recovery.
C System information: the formula set user information and other systems.
D User settings: name, user password and permissions management, different users have different permissions, so as to ensure the safety of the system.
E Compatibility: compatible with a variety of commercially available card clock.

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