Product introduction

[Einuoji Factory inspection/Inspect the factory system]

Software inspection, inspection, consultation and social responsibility inspection (CSCC of, ITS, SGS, GSC) SA8000 social responsibility system: WRAP inspection, ICTI inspection, c-tpat (GSV) inspection, BSCI inspection, AVE, ETI, EICC, OHSAS18001, human

Product introduction

Factory inspection system introduction:

1. A large amount of data is processed through the program, which is convenient, fast, stable and reliable. (Support most of the attendance machine models on the market, and provide the system background data automatic docking (SQL SERVER platform) synchronization and other functions to achieve on-site punching; support punch record accurate to seconds\ms.)

2. Three integrated modules (personnel, attendance, salary), support common inspections such as: human rights inspection, Disney inspection, SA8000 inspection, Wal-Mart inspection, Jialefu inspection, Meitai inspection, Lide inspection, Hummer inspection, SEARS inspection (if you need to know attendance, salary customization, etc., please contact customer service)

AB account systemIntroduction to main functions:

★ Support the selection of the inspection personnel, you can select all or select the inspection personnel;

★ The personnel data in the AB account is automatically consistent, that is, the A account has the modification, editing, adding, deleting, resigning, etc. of the personnel data, and the B account is automatically consistent, without manual processing in the B account;

★ Support the collection of card data, card collection, summary of attendance data, leave order, etc., that is, the function of A account can be operated, B account can also operate, and A account and B account data do not conflict, do not affect each other ( Except for personnel information);

★ Support to calculate the salary according to the generated attendance, or to push the attendance after the salary;

★ You can import relevant data from the real account according to the conditions, or you can leave the real account and automatically generate the inspection data according to the relevant setting parameters of the factory;

★ Support various parameters setting of the inspection (pre-punch time range, cut-off time range, etc.);

★ A account B account system freely switch, can not be distinguished from the system interface. At this time, it is in the A account or in the B account system, the various reports are complete and realistic;

★ You can set late, early leave, and absenteeism. The system randomly generates various late, early, and completed punch card data according to the settings.

★ You can set the leave rate, the system randomly generates a leave form according to the settings;

★ Overtime hours and payroll standards can be controlled freely, but the final result can be consistent with the real system;

★ It can automatically control the legality of the personnel involved in the audit; (if the person is under 16 years old, the system automatically excludes);

Introduction to the main modules of the system

Personnel file management:

Organization and management: departmental team setting, department position setting, department structure statistics, department organization chart

Basic data: job setting, job setting, job setting, salary method, turnover type, place of origin setting, ethnic setting, education setting, marital status, visibility level setting, job setting, grade setting

Newly hired employees to enter personnel file management, personnel information - details, personnel information - resume, factory license printing

Pre-departure registration

Contract document management

Reward and punishment management education training (training)

Personnel data inquiry, transfer record inquiry

Common personnel report: factory certificate printing, employee distribution status analysis table, employee birthday table, incumbency statistics table, new hire/departure statistics

Manpower analysis: the responsibilities of the personnel, the personnel statistics, the new hiring degree, the resignation form comparison, the transfer record query, etc.

Attendance management:

Attendance scheduling: attendance general rules, class definition, class group setting, calendar management, scheduling, department default class, personal default class, shift record, transfer setting

Punch card original record, card management, card card reason

Temporary overtime registration, overtime application and review, overtime control

IC card management: send / add card operation

Statutory holiday setting, absence registration, vacation management, vacation control

Attendance daily changes,

Generate an attendance result report,

Attendance results maintenance: attendance results details, attendance results summary

Common attendance report: real-time attendance inquiry, attendance analysis, overtime record inquiry, holiday registration inquiry, original credit card record history query, attendance report history query, etc.

Salary management:

General salary project management, fixed salary maintenance, current fixed salary inquiry, variable salary maintenance, salary maintenance

Bank setup, bank account management, salary settlement

Maintenance of salary results: salary schedule, salary result summary, payroll

Common salary report: fixed salary schedule, change salary schedule, resignation payment, current month salary payment schedule, bank offer, personal income tax form, historical salary report inquiry, salary analysis, etc.

INUOJI AB account human rights auditing system (human rights SA-8000 audit) and special stand-alone version of human rights auditing system, has more than dozens of internationally renowned brands of various auditors (Wal-Mart, Nike, COSTCO, BK.. ...), the system automatically generates full compliance with the inspection data.

· Whether your company or factory is undergoing factory audits from different customers, and has to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to implement the code. Duplicate audits and duplicate resource waste?

· Do you often feel confused and panic about the sudden inspection?

· Do you often feel confused that the time limit for attendance exceeds the statutory time limit of 20.928?

· Do you often feel helpless for working overtime for more than 36 hours?

· Do you often pass the inspection of foreign big supermarkets, orange or red lights, and unfortunately did not receive the list? Therefore, a large amount of foreign exchange is lost!

· Have you ever faced a sudden human rights inspection and inspection of the factory, and provided a full of attendance records and payrolls?

· Do you know the loss that the human rights audit factory can't pass?

· Are you still worried about export trade orders next year?

Please believe that our human rights audit system can relieve you of this trouble, ten years of experience (experienced), professional technology (leading technology), thousands of customers, custom development, do you hesitate?

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