Summary of present situation and the difficulties in the five enterprises' attendance

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Through analysis and summary, the current status and difficulties of enterprise attendance are as follows:

Business attendance management

1. The total attendance management of the enterprise shall be responsible for the definition of attendance rules, personnel scheduling, attendance day processing, attendance abnormal information maintenance, and attendance data summary for all personnel of the company.

2. With the actual business needs of various departments, internal shifts are often required, and the total attendance data cannot be timely scheduled and adjusted for each department.

3, daily staff attendance leave and other documents are mainly approved by verbal or paper data, the total attendance staff to deal with a large number of abnormal documents every day;

4, attendance day processing issued to all departments to report attendance information is not timely, accuracy is not high, the work is too difficult.

5. The time limit for the approval of employees' daily leave or abnormal documents is slow. At the end of the month, the human resources department has more difficulty in collecting attendance data. It has caused a lot of trouble for personnel.

Attendance management
Business attendance problem

The biggest problem in the manufacturing industry is that the production tasks are not fixed, and the personnel shifting operations need to be adjusted at any time.

According to the above problem, the idea of the attendance management solution provided is

1. Decentralization of personnel: The company's total attendance cannot be scheduled and transferred to each department in time, then the authority is delegated to the department for execution.

2. Attendance approval process: daily attendance leave form through the workflow attendance management system, daily day leave can be summarized and the attendance original record is compared with the attendance data analysis to summarize the attendance exception report.

A. Improve the time limit for examination and approval of the attendance approval process;

B. Reduce the entry of a large number of documents for the total attendance;

3. Information release: The daily processing results will be posted on the company's internal website, allowing employees to self-check. If an abnormal employee does not handle the problem on the same day, the completion record can be directly recorded, thus ensuring the timely and accurate attendance.


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